Punches in italian punching tools industries

How punches works and why italian punching tools industries are considered better than other.

punchesThe punching is a process in which the end thanks to special devices implemented in the mold and
press are obtained punching pieces with smooth surfaces excision regular and elevate precision
geometric and dimensional.
The pieces thus obtained do not require you to adjust other working processes except a smudge and are normally
ready for use.
At least for the contour punch.
For the 'execution of the necessary fields are a hallmark of precision press features a special
mold for punching end, material to be cut with mechanical properties suitable for the procedure.
The main difference distinguishes this type of punching than normal is that the punch starts
real punching when the material has already been locked by a blank holder fitted with a
characteristic cord section that affects approximately triangular sheet metal all around the
perimeter punching prevent or impede the flow.
D station punch holder used for cutting sheet metal close to clamp.
A special stripper which serves as parting insert guide, allows wear
reduction and increases the system rigidity.
Either upper or lower insert are both interchangeable and can be
Another difference is that the punch punching opposed a die that supports the piece
avoiding shear deformation.
Also to confine the major differences are minor games between the matrix and punch, games that are
limited to a few hundredths of a millimeter and the speed of punching that is bound to values
relatively low.

Designed to get an economical advantage on the most used tool,
they give the possibility to replace parting inserts only, preserving
support elements.
Sharpening of max mm 12, grants a particularly long life to the
parting insert.